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The Great devotional flow from "Sri Sailam to Srinivasa Sannidanam(Tirumala hills)

In the Nallamalas forests there is an amazing flow which is neither water flow nor wind flow .It is purely   Devotional Flow. Daily number of Devotees visits the Temples which are exits in these region. This seems like river ganges flow from Gangotri to kalighat . hence it is a Great Devotional Flow From Sri Sailam ( Sri sailam hills)To Sri Vari Sannidanam (tirumala hills) .In This flow  region there are 5 famous temples ie, Sri SailaM, Tripurantakam, MahaNandi, Ahobilam and  Tirumala hills exists.  The above picture and below given video links can give full details  about Great devotional Flow.                               

Nallamalla's Location:-       The Nallamalas (lit."Black Hills") (also called the Nallamalla Range) are a section of the Eastern Ghats which stretch primarily over Kurnool, Prakasam and Kadapa districts of the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. They run in a nearly north-south alignment, parallel to the Coromandel coast for close to 430 km between the …