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What is the link between "manavu" and "manali" ?

                                                                            Surya Savarnika Manavu Ashramam, India.  Manuvu:-          According to Hindu scripts there are 14 manuvu s or manavus specified. as per Hindu traditions "Manuvu" is a  title accorded to a progenitor  of human kind.  The duration of "manavu" astronomical period of time measurement called as "Manvamtara". So according to Hindu mythology there  14 Manavamtras, and each Manvantra created and ruled by specific Manavu. who in turn is created by Brahma, the Creator himself. Manu creates the world, and all its species during that period of time, each Manvantara lasts the lifetime of a Manu, upon whose death, Brahma creates another Manu to continue the cycle of Creation or Shristi, Vishnu  on his part takes a new Avatar and also a new Indhra and Saptarishis  are appointed.        As per Hindu Texts present running time is ruled by 7th Manavu i.e Vaivaswata Manavu. NeXt coming