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SURYA SAVARNIKA MANAVU ASHRAMAM,GARLAVOBBU (V),KHAMMAM Dist, A.P. INDIA. SRI LAKSHMI NARASIMHA SWAMY TEMPLE GARLAVODDU (V),KHAMMAM Dist,A.P.INDIA. MADDIGUNTA NARASIMHA RAO,@MANAVU FOUNDER OF THE TEMPLE&S.S.M.ASHRAMAM. ACCORDING TO  THE HINDU MYTHOLOGY, THERE ARE 14 MANAVUS OR MANUS. Surya Savarnika Manavu is Eigth Manu In Manu hierarchy.  The Manu or Manavu is a title given to the progenitor of man kind.According to Hindu beliefs the primary duty of the manavu is to show a correct path to the Hindu society by the way of prescribing code of human conduct i.e Manu Smruthi.        According to the hindu belief,the Manu Smruthi is nothing but words of sun or Prajapati Brahma from whom manavu received it,and writes as it is with out making any references to either previous texts or present texts of relavent time.So  the Said text or code became standard point of reference for all future Dharma sastras that followed it. According to Hindu tradition t