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As I stated in my earlier posts "Nothing is impossible when there is aim &dedicated industry." This rule is applicable to God Particle Discoverers also, but only exception is no scientist could found the God Particle despite of his hard works.(For Scientist Definition see my earlier post dated 23 -04-2012.).                             only spiritualist can perceive God Particle existence through his Spiritual sense, which attains by penance.                     The reason for unable to discover the God Particle by scientists is very simple.According to scientists the so called God Particle i.e Higgs boson life span is millionth of ,millionth of, millionth of second.But according to my spiritual sense real God Particle life span is Zero second.That means which particle life time's starting point &ending point one at the same it's known as God Particle.In another sense which emerges and ends at same time it is called as God Particle.So by these reason no scie…